Our Business Model

Digagogo licenses its innovative technologies and business platform to partners across North America. Together, Digagogo and its partners promote local economies to create a sustainable business network for everyone in the community.

Building a Global Network of Local Business Communities

Deployed through hyperlocal portals consisting of individuals, households and small businesses – the DoGoNet platform creates digital networks that enable users to buy or sell items in a locally leveraged position.

Digagogo is creating a global network of interconnected local communities.

Through its three-tiered relationship driven business model the company plans to expand its business and deliver its products and services to revolutionize the way people use the Internet:

  • Partner
  • Digagogo is enabling rapid adoption and scaling of ecommerce and local business solutions through partnerships and licensees.
  • Developer
  • Digagogo builds and maintains its competitive edge through ongoing development, acquisition and advancement of technology in the hyperlocal ecommerce, online marketing, sales and search sectors.
  • Advisor
  • Digagogo provides industry leading insight and advisory services to businesses and local communities through its growing network of DoGoCenters – its brick and mortar business centers.