DoGoNet City Network

The Company’s objective is to create a network of local business networks that will service the needs of every household and small business within a localized area.

Localized DoGoNet Portals enable business communities to build, acquire and maintain local customers via the Internet and provide support services to businesses within the network, while improving the community’s ability to retain and capture revenue.

Powered by the DoGoNet Platform

Powered by the DoGoNet Platform, each “City Portal” serves as a virtual shopping center with storefronts, local search networks, ad networks and business directories where individuals can buy and sell products and services, and share information within the community.

DoGoCenter Services
    Turnkey ecommerce solutions

  • Powers store design
  • Provides hosting

  • Provides payment solutions
    Hyper-local advertising solutions

  • Delivers geo-targeted messages
  • Turnkey process delivers the right message to the right user

  • Targeting capabilities based on user behavior
  • Maximizes local reach via Email, Social and Coupon marketing solutions


Supported by Local Business Centers

The DoGoCenter is the heart of the Regional Partners’ operations and serves as both a local sales network and a customer service center for all members of the community.

DoGoCenters employ and train a team of business specialists to support the local business community and establish a direct, consultative relationship with clients to provide solutions to achieve their business goals. The centers provide guidance and product training to members in their respective localized networks.

DoGoCenter Services
  • Network Access
  • Technical Assistance
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Group Buying

Full Service

The network of DoGoNet City Portals enables local communities to build a people-centered economy. With the support of the DoGoCenters and the network of business experts – locals are able to support, buy, sell and share within the community and capture the collective benefit within the business community and among local residents.